We're bringing that same life-saving technology to hospitals worldwide.
One day we will advance science-based infection control technology.
One day we will create products that enable caregivers to reduce healthcare-associated infections.
One day we will find a way to effectively deliver chlorhexidine where it's needed most.
Today is that day.
When we started creating tactical combat care products for the United States Military Special Forces, our first priority was saving lives. Today, as entrotech life sciences defines and develops new areas of science-based infection control technology, our first priority remains unchanged – we exist to save lives.
entrotech life sciences.
Born on the battlefield.
We took on the toughest assignments. Vascular illumination. Manual respirators. Vented chest seals. The list goes on. In fact, there are seven entrotech life sciences products currently being utilized by Tier 1 fighters around the globe.
The benefits of Chlorhexidine are well documented.
It's the science behind how it's applied that is revolutionary.
entrotech life sciences has pioneered a way to
safely combine Chlorhexidine with polymers. This
is the type of groundbreaking innovation that
changes everything. Initially, it will enable caregivers
to reduce healthcare-associated infections that cost
thousands of lives and millions of dollars. Bigger
picture, it has the capability to impact the spread
of infections in any setting, not just healthcare
It's also the type of thinking people have come to
expect from entrotech. Where our scientific
background, advanced technology and
intellectual capital give us the resources to
solve the toughest problems.
See entrotech and AERO for additional
healthcare-associated infections annually
lives lost
breakthrough solution Entrotech Life Sciences
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about entrotech
life sciences and
our commitment
to saving lives,
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We began by saving lives on the battlefield.